Surf school in Famara

Learn Surf in our surf school in Famara, Lanzarote, in combination with Yoga and massage therapies workshops to enjoy a more healthy, creative and dynamic adventure

Wave Rituals is the coolest surf school in Famara, Lanzarote. We offer the ultimate surf experience: learn with us the art of dancing with the waves. We want to share with you the opportunity to learn surf and Yoga in Famara, in our private or small group surf lessons in one of the most consistent beach breaks in Europe.

The combination of surf and Yoga with massage therapies including the possibility to learn the healing art of Thai massage in our workshops. With the intention of making your holiday unforgettable we offer different options and combinations you can choose from. We have flexible schedules and programs to help you find what you are looking for.


Learn to surf in Lanzarote. Personalised surf lessons in Famara to adapt to your needs and specific level wether you are beginner or intermediate.

Boost your surfing skills by the guide of experienced surf instructors in the Canary Islands with Wave Rituals.


Now you can practice surf and Yoga in Famara, Lanzarote, to explore in our classes the possibilities of our body and mind.

We will move with fluidity to the rhythm of the breath, becoming aware of ourselves and the present moment.


Enjoy an after surfing massage in Famara. Learn Thai massage in our workshops, giving and receiving during the class.

With the intention of making your surfing experience more pleasant, optimal and lasting.

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Wave Rituals Packages

Wether you only want to learn to surf, Yoga or Thai massage separately, you also have the option to enjoy the best packages in different combination options

The wave rituals is just what I was looking for improving my surfing skills.

The teacher, Felix is a super friendly person who in order to fix my mistakes or bad habits, deeply analysed my current knowledge.

Also Felix has helped me understand well, most of the theoretical subjects around surfing and I feel like it had a huge impact on my connection with the waves, including parallel paddling in order to be in the perfect spot on the wave.

I feel like 5 lessons with Felix benefit me like 5 months of surfing on my own.

Strongly recommend


One of the main reasons for going to Famara, LZ was because of surfing. During my one-week stay I had the chance to meet Felix whose surfing skills and teaching experience helped me improve the technique and acquire even more confidence when in water.

I could say he lived up my expectations and even more, he tailored warm ups and exercises focused on what had to be fixed about my body posture and previous experience. In water he has been attentive, caring and dedicated and besides that, truly friendly and inspiring.

I you ever had the chance to go to Lanzarote I would suggest stopping by to Wave Rituals and give it a try! Felix offers great personalized surf lessons, regardless of your level. He also gave us useful tips about places to visit during our stay.